Akinori Abe

I have been reserching for Abduction. This might be my life work...

Peirce characterized abduction as follows [Peirce55]:

The surprising fact, C, is observed;
But if A were true, C would be a matter of course,
Hence, there is reason to suspect that A is true.

Peirce also wrote that

abduction is an operation for adopting an explanatory hypothesis, which is subject to certain conditions, and that in pure abduction, there can never be justification for accepting the hypothesis, other than through interrogation.
In AI, if we make use of the framework of logic, a sort of justification will be made by generating and testing candidate hypotheses to find acceptable hypotheses. Therefore, in simple words, abduction can be formalized as an explanation of an observation. It generates or adopts consistent hypotheses to explain an observation. Furthermore, abduction can be formalized as prediction because hypotheses generation and testing can be seen as a prediction of the causation of an observation.
As you know, Peirce's philosophy will be a start point for all researchers in abduction. A lot of abduction system have been porposed in the recent 10 years. One of the most famous abduction system is Theorist [Poole 1987]. And of late, ALP by Kakas [Kakas 1992] is also famous.
Their works inspired me a lot!!!

My research interests in abduction are....