Selected papers in 5th International Workshop on Chance Discovery (IWCD5)

14 December 2010

Building 5 (at Haymarket Campus), the University of Technology
Cnr Quay Street and Ultimo Road, Haymarket, Sydney, Australia

  1. 09:35: Opening remarks
  2. 09:40--10:20: Yukio Ohsawa, Kensuke Okamoto, Yuma Takahashi, and Yoko Nishihara: "Innovators Marketplace as Game on the Table versus Board on the Web"
  3. 10:20--10:30: Coffee break
  4. 10:30--11:10: Masabumi Furuhata, Takanobu Mizuta, and Jihei So: "Paired Evaluators Method to Track Concept Drift: An Application for Hedge Funds Operations"
  5. 11:10--11:50: Indre Zliobaite: "Change with Delayed Labeling: when is it detectable?"
  6. 11:50--14:10: Lunch break
  7. 14:10--14:10: Shusaku Tsumoto and Shoji Hirano: "Automated Empirical Selection of Rule Induction Methods based on Recursive Iteration of Resampling Methods and Multiple testing"
    Unfortunately, they will not be coming to this session for several reasons.
  8. 14:10--14:50: Yoshiaki Okubo, Makoto Haraguchi, and Takeshi Nakajima: "Finding Rare Patterns with Weak Correlation Constraint"
  9. 14:50--15:30: Akinori Abe: "Curation in Chance Discovery"
  10. 15:30--15:50: Coffee break
  11. 15:50--16:30: Hidenao Abe and Shusaku Tsumoto: "Text Categorization with Considering Temporal Patterns of Term Usages"
  12. 16:30--16:30: Lorenzo Magnani and Emanuele Bardone: "Bullshitting as Chance-Faking"
    Unfortunately, they will not be coming to this session for several reasons.
  13. 16:30--17:10: Vladimir Rybakov: "Temporal Logic TL_DU Modeling Local and Global Discovery with Logical Uncertainty"
  14. 17:10--17:30: Discussions and ending remarks