The 7th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics
Invited session on ``Language - Computer - Communication''

16:00--18:30 28 July , 2003
Sheraton World Resort
Orlando, Florida USA


  • Akinori Abe (ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Lab.)


    The invited session on ``Language Sense Processing Engineering'' was held in SCI2002. We had several papers on language sense (affective or psychological aspects of language). In this session, we would like to discuss problems dealing with language sense on computers. In some fields such as language Sense processing Engineering (LSE), Literature in Cognition and Computer (LCC), and Computer mediated Communication and Community (CmCC), problems dealing with language sense on computers have been discussed. In addition, in this session we would like to discuss from various viewpoints. We would like to focus on both theories and (computational) models to deal with language sense. Especially, we would like to focus on the following topics. Of course, other topics are welcome, if they are related to human language (KOTOBA).

    Recently, computers have been able to deal with human language. However, computers can deal with only superficial or structural aspects of human language by the methods based on grammatical theories. We will be at the start line to deal with ``intention,'' ``affection'' or ``emotion'' etc. that will be naturally possessed by human language.
    As a result of boom in internet, multimedia is thought of as an important factor in communication. However, recently, ``words'' have been thought of as more important factor than multimedia such as pictures. In the environment like the internet, ``words'' are thought of not only as media that communicate information (as defined in the classical interpretation of communication), but also as affective / sensitive media that have been utilised in advertisement. Therefore, it will be important to discuss such computational, affective, psychological, artistic and cognitive aspects of language from an interdisciplinary viewpoint.
    We hereby use the word ``language sense'' to show an affective or psychological aspects of language. Therefore, ``language sense'' will inspire such a language that includes emotion, that enchants us, that is artistic, ... etc. We want to express a type of non-logical feeling in language.

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