International Workshop on Language Sense on Computer
in IJCAI2016

July 9th, 2016
Room: East
Hilton in midtown Manhattan,
1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York, 10019, USA

Accepted papers and Program

A photo of the workshop

  1. 08:25--08:30 | opening remarks


  2. 08:30--08:50 | Hajime Murai: Extracting Agents and Behaviors from Stories for Automatic Plot Structure Identification.
  3. 08:50--09:10 | Taisuke Akimoto: Toward a Basic Model of Narrative Structure Representation for Computer Processing: Proposal of a Hierarchical Graph Model.

    The usage of language sense

  4. 09:10--09:30 | Hiroki Fukushima and Shigenori Tanaka: The Roles of Onomatopoeias in the Context of Tasting Descriptions.
  5. 09:30--09:50 | Yuki Hayashi and Akinori Abe: Conversation Method Compared with Reminiscence.
  6. 09:50--10:10 | Marek Krawczyk: Rule-based Approach to Extracting Location, Creator and Membership-related Information from Wikipedia-based Information-rich Taxonomy for ConceptNet Expansion.
  7. 10:10--10:30 | Youngmin Oh: Why is a certain fixed order of paired words preferred: A typological perspective.
  8. 10:30--10:45 | coffee(?) break


  9. 10:45--11:05 | KJ Nabeshima: Approaches to metaphor processing: A Cognitive Linguistic perspective.
  10. 11:05--11:25 | Asako Nakano: A comparative review on metaphor extraction: based on the case of computational and linguistic approaches.

    Applications of language sense

  11. 11:25--11:45 | Joseph Corneli and Miriam Corneli: Teaching natural language to computers.
  12. 11:45--12:05 | Akinori Abe and Moe Hayashi: On communication via bots for the computational therapy.
  13. 12:05--12:25 | Radoslaw Komuda, Michal Ptaszynski, Rafal Rzepka, and Kenji Araki: Recognizing and Converting Cockney Rhyming Slang for Cyberbullying And Crime Detection.
  14. 12:25--12:45 | Rafal Rzepka, Mitsuru Takizawa and Kenji Araki: Emotion Prediction System for Japanese Language Considering Compound Sentences, Double Negatives and Adverbs.
  15. 12:45--13:05 | Yoko Nakajima, Michal Ptaszynski, Hirotoshi Honma, and Fumito Masui: Application of Future Sentence Reference Extraction in Support of Future Event Prediction.
  16. 13:05--13:10 | closing workshop